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04/08/2024 PLTR +100% in 45 days

04/08/2024 RIG +60% in 30 Days

04/08/2024 POOL +35% in 20 days

04/08/2024 MTDR +110% in 60 days

11/22/2023 JJ Calls +179% in 3 weeks

11/22/2023 NVDA PUTS + 51% in one week

11/15/2023 NEM Calls +270% in 4 weeks

09/04/2023 Newmont $38 Calls up 57% in one week

08/21/2023 Carvana $49 puts up105% in 1 week

08/14/2023 Wayfair $65 PUTS up 66% in 1 week

08/07/2023 Palantir $17.50 PUTS up 110% in 5 weeks



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honest and fair reporting of our performance.

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Annual Membership price is $399   &   Monthly Membership  is $79.00

  • 2 key Option picks delivered every Sunday to your email , each designed to make $1000  in a short period of time.
  • Clear buy and sell signals on large cap stocks, indexes and ETF's

  • Simple puts and calls , no penny stocks

  • Money back guarantee


Customers Tesimonials

Great sevice !!!!I used to spend 6 hours a day trading Options, Since becoming an Option Pro member I've cut my trading time down to 30 minutes per day. Now I make more money trading less and have more free time . Thank you THE OPTION PRO. ...Maureen, Boston, MA

you are the best nice call on AUY. i doubled my money in 3 days... ...Jai Dallas TX

I like your product and while not all of the selections are 100% right all the time i find that most are and that the wins more than make up for the non winners. Im up 75% YDT . When is the next conf call? ...Bob E SF.

Trading strategy

We provide long call (profit when stocks go up), long put (profit when stocks go down) option picks. We do not provide short or sell options, option writing, or complex spread strategies. We use our systems to calculate targets for trading break outs, swings, reversals, continuous moves, and other momentum plays. Each of our 7 monthly option picks are designed to make 50% + gains per trade. The option pick of the month selection is designed to at least double your money. Some of the picks can make 300% or more. For each option pick, we will provide easy buy and sell signals with the following information

  • Trigger Price - stock price of break out signal
  • Target Price - stock price to exit the position
  • Option Strike Price -Which Option to buy
  • Entry Price - stock price to enter a position
  • Estimate Cost - Estimate price per option contract when the stock price at the Entry Price
  • Profit – Profit made when exit at the Target Price

We have one rule

For Our Subscribers we have one rule... Make $1000 profit per trade! We produce 8 forecasts each month , 7 designed for $1000 profit. We also produce one "Option pick of the month" , designed for triple digit gains and the investor looking for more than 100% profit potential per trade. Our weekly forecasts have clear buy and sell points and our weekly updates help you manage your portfolio for maximizing profits.. Each week we provide our subscribers with key option picks from thousands of stocks that we analyze all week long.We look for stocks that will have volatile movement patterns and then pick options that are cheap and will produce 50% + gains in profits. We usually buy....


Sample Weekly Forecast



Stock:                                       Ross Stores     


Stock Symbol:                               ROST      


Stock Price at time of forecast:  $77.34


Suggested Stock Entry Price:     $76.50-$78.35


Suggested Trade: July 77.50 Calls @ $2.30(expires July 20, 2018) 


Suggested Stock Target Price: $79.50. ++++


Suggested Option Sell Price: $3.30


Approx. cost for 10 contracts: $2,300




Profit Target amount per contract: $ 1.00


Profit potential gain as percent: 43%


Ross Stores, Inc. and its subsidiaries operate two brands of off-price retail apparel and home fashion stores-Ross Dress for Less (Ross) and dd's DISCOUNTS. The Company is the off-price apparel and home fashion chain in the United States, with 1,340 locations in 36 states, the District of Columbia and Guam, as of January 28, 2017. The Company offers in-season, name brand and designer apparel, accessories, footwear, and home fashions for the entire family at savings of 20% to 60% off department and specialty store regular prices every day. The Company also operated 193 dd's DISCOUNTS stores in 15 states as of January 28, 2017. As of January 28, 2017, the Company operated a total of 1,533 stores consisted of 1,340 Ross stores and 193 dd's DISCOUNTS stores. As of January 28, 2017, the Company owned and operated six distribution processing facilities-three in California, one in Pennsylvania, and two in South Carolina.


Ross Stores went down big on Friday but we believe that the stock/options will bounce back in the near term.

 ‘The recommendations can be triggered up to 4 days from the time of the original forecast, as long as the price of the underlying stock and the option are still in the same range as the forecast (within 7%)

If the option price is not within the forecasted range within 4 days after the forecast, do not make the trade.


Sold on 5/31/18 for $3.50, a profit of 52% in 3 days



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Weekly Comments from The Option Pro

2012-03-01 --

LNKD sold for profit of 32%  in 10 days

2012-03-01 --

sold the VFC Feb 125 Calls for a profit of 36% in 30 days...

2012-03-01 --

sold the RGLD Feb 65 calls on 1/8/12 for a profit of 75% in 22 days

2012-03-01 --

sold the FAST May 40 calls on 2/12/12 for a profit of 19% in 10 days

2012-03-01 --

Sold the RAI March 36 calls for a profit of 44% on 12/29/11 in 2 days

2012-03-01 --

sold the GMCR on 2/14/12 for a profit of 21% in 2 days

2012-03-01 --

Trade of the year: Sold the APOL March 55 Puts for $10.00.  Bought them for $4.05  9 days eariler

2012-03-01 --

sold the UNP May 110 calls on 2/27/12 for a 13% profit  in 8 days

2009-11-08 --

Nov 16, 2011

"I  just posted  two option forecasts for  2 fast moving  stocks whose stock prices have dropped when they released  earning . I believe the stocks  will move up $2 from here. Both stocks have cheap option prices which can be easily double if the stocks move up just $2. Good luck to our subscribers."

2009-10-31 --

Insights  for the week of Nov 1st
"I found two bearish stocks. One is half way to the target and the other one is at the edge of free fall. Good luck to our subscribers to catch the profit from these downward momentum."

2009-10-24 --

October, 23, 2009
"Some news has had  big effects on stock movement. I just posted two option forecasts of stocks that had momentum moves after news was released. One dropped after  negative news, and one jumped after a positive news  report. If I am right, these option forecasts should  make good profits. Good luck to our subscribers."


2009-10-12 --

After doing my research this weekend, I have posted 2 new short term plays for this week.. One play has the potential to make a 1,100% profit this week, and can be played 2 different way.


If you have not signed up yet, JOIN NOW, so you can take advantage of this money making opportunities.




2009-10-06 --

"The markets last week made a bearish move. I researched many bearish stocks and posted 2 PUT option picks this weekend,. Our previousPUT option picks are up over 100% since we bought them at their target prices.


2009-09-20 --

 It was a very good week for all subscribers with all three of our current active option showing  over 60% gains.. in general the market looks positive despite  dismal  economy.

 I have just released this weeks options. there are two picks this week and both should do very well. So we now have 5 active options in the  portfolio

 For those of you asking to upgrade to the annual subscription you must first  delete your monthly subscription

If you email me i will credit back your monthly fees towards your annual sub.

Remember to invest responsibly and have  good week

2009-09-17 --

Sept 17, 2009

this week on RTI, we are up over 60 % on the Oct 22.50 calls, that are trading @ $2.85.


The EJ Oct $22.50 calls are trading @ $1.60, up .40cents from our $1.20 purchase price.


2009-09-16 --

We are seeing triple digit returns on the RTI option in just one week. Looks like it has much higher to go.. see forecast. I will be posting another strong option play tomorrow ,Thrusday 9/17

2009-09-15 --

We are seeing double digit gains on our EJ option selection from last week

2009-09-14 --

Welcome to The Option Pro. We have added  many new users to the service and last weeks picks are performing nicely . We expect triple digit gains on RTI this month.

Remember to invest responsibly. We expect to have our first webinar in the next few weeks and will notify all subscribers via email.  so that you can join in and ask questions and learn more about how to spot key options poised for big gains on your own.

How to turn $4,000 into $1 million in less that 35 trades